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January 12, 2012

Acupuncture Study Brings Hope for Parkinsons Disease Patients

The University of Colorado Hospital is leading a study funded by the Michael J. Fox Foundation to find out if Eastern Medicine, particularly acupuncture, is effective in treating fatigue, a major side-effect of Parkinson’s Disease. ┬áThe hope for the study is to provide the nearly 1 million Americans and 5 million people world-wide that suffer from Parkinson’s, a way to increase quality of life. The double-blind study began in November 2010 and currently has 22 participants. By 2013 the goal of the study is to have 90-100 participants.

To read more about the full article on the Parkinson’s Disease and acupuncture study follow This Link

Studies like these are becoming more and more common in the western medical arena. Each year more research proves that acupuncture is effective in treating any number of ailments. For this reason, and others, Insurance companies are starting to incorporate acupuncture benefits into their health care plans. Recently in Colorado, Anthem Blue Cross-Blue Shield added acupuncture to its network benefits and is enrolling a number of local providers.

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