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April 4, 2009

Peventing Shoulder Injuries while Weight Training

Protect your shoulders by following these tips….

1.  Do not ignore shoulder pain.  Training through the pain will only lead to further and more severe injury.

2.  Avoid exercises where the arm is abducted (raised to the side) in an internally rotated position, such as upright rows and thumbs-pointed-down laterals.  Also, do not raise the arms above 90 degrees while performing lateral raises.

3.  Strengthen the external rotator muscles of the shoulder and keep them strong.  This process involves consistency in performing rotator cuff strengthening exercises, not just when you have an injury.  The strength of the rotator cuff muscles should keep pace with the strength of the pects and deltoid muscles.

4.  Keep the internal shoulder rotators flexible to avoid shortening.  Be careful to avoid instability.  Forceful stretching and stretching with weights should be avoided.

5.  Avoid exercises where the rotator cuff is under extreme load.

6.  Warm up the shoulders carefully before exercising them.

7.  Strengthen the middle and lower traps and rhomboids to increase shoulder stability and ensure better scapular stabilization and avoid protracted shoulder posture problems.

8.  Avoid the pullover exercise or use with extreme caution.  Care should be taken not to extend the arms too far back.

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