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February 12, 2012

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Athletes

Valentine’s Day is just days away. If you have an athlete in your life, gift-giving may be a little difficult, because athletes are cut from a different cloth than non-athletes and are not often flattered by traditional gifts. ┬áBut there are ways to adapt a traditional gift for the athlete.


A bouquet of red-roses delivered to their workplace is the most popular Valentine’s Day gift. But, if you truly love your athlete and want to show how much you care about their endeavors, send them a bouquet of fresh fruit from Edible Arrangements.

Chocolate and Candy
Surprisingly, chocolate and other candies are still safe bets for athletes. For starters, regular exercise increases metabolism, so they can afford to cheat for a day and eat something sweet. Or, you could get them some gels, jelly-bellies or sports bars, which are kind of like candy but are still athlete-oriented.

Fancy jewelry (watches, rings, earrings, bracelets, etc.) isn’t a very practical gift for an athlete. Sure, jewelry is pretty, but it just gets in the way while training or racing. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on something they’ll only wear once, consider a Garmin, heart-rate monitor, iPod or something else you know they’ll love and wear every time they work out.

What athlete wouldn’t want someone to pamper their tired body for a day? Send your Valentine to a health spa where experts can give them massages, pedicures and other rejuvenating treatments. Or, you could buy them an A.R.T., acupuncture or deep-tissue massage treatment.

Romantic Dinner
You can still have a romantic dinner with your athlete on Valentine’s Day, because athletes always need to eat. Choose a nice Italian restaurant, so they can load up on carbs. Or, you can make the meal yourself. Just have pasta in there somewhere.

Romantic Getaway
The romantic getaway to a tropical resort is one of the most expensive Valentine’s Day gifts one can give. If you go this route, pick a destination with a race nearby. If you’re not an athlete, doing the race with them is a sure-fire way to score extra points. If you do decide to go to a tropical paradise, make sure there is a gym at the resort or safe cycling or running routes nearby.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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